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The Cat Returns Fan Community
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Welcome to The_Cat_Returns, a play groud for those crazy fans out there that loved the movie and/or the manga.

+The most important rule; Be kind to the other community members. We are all TCR loving fans, so there is no need to be rude.

+Please use the lj-cut tag if you posting a long fanfiction, or if you are posting large pictures that cause side scrolling. Some of us have computers that move more slowly than others, so be considerate. (Plus, It's alot to have to scroll through.)

+This community is for the discussion and complete fangirlism(or fanboyism) of The Cat Returns. If you don't like this Movie/Manga, then why are you even here...?

+Trolls/Flamers/Whatev will NOT be tolerated. So, Trolls, don't waste your time. You will be deleted.

This Community is ran by: </a>coffeelover2128

Moderators: We do not have any moderators at the moment. If you feel like you would be a good moderator for this community, send me an e-mail at sillygreenkitty6@yahoo.com. I will be accepting the first three, so send in those e-mails quickly!