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like to say hi! new as you guessed,Just got to see the Cat returns a couple weeks ago,and as you guessed,was hooked.I Have yet to see whisper of the heart,which i will be looking forward to.

Also i like to ask a question about the baron and the baroness while i'm at it!

In the movie whisper of the heart,Does the baron figurine reunite with the female cat version of himself at the end?,seen screen shots of her,but when i looked for info about her,I could not find anything usefull,I should probably wait till i see the movie,but after seeing the cat returns i'm very curious to what happend to her and why she didn't show up in the cat returns if she was part of Shizuku fairy tale story in this movie if i'm right,could be wrong since there not much information about this,but hope someone can clear this up for me.thanks!
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